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Rob Tilson of Tilson Group

As part of World Landscape Architecture Month, we were so happy to sit down with Rob Tilson, President of Tilson Group in the greater Washington DC area. Rob is one of the original green roof specialists in DC, and his company is a full service landscape firm that provides both residential and green roof services. In addition to having a landscape architecture background and running a landscape contracting firm, Rob is also a fellow with the American Society of Landscape Architecture (ASLA). Impressive, isn’t it?

We spent some time chatting with Rob about landscape architecture and green roofs recently, and he had some really interesting things to say! With his background in both landscape architecture and contracting, Rob is uniquely suited to provide some perspective on both the design and installation of landscape architecture projects.

One of the things we talked about is trends in landscape architecture. It’s really important to know where the industry is and where it’s going as we all plan for the future. One big trend is sustainability as people embrace building and design techniques to ensure a healthy, functioning environment. In fact, Rob mentioned that the ASLA headquarters in Washington, DC has a green roof. And when the professional organization for landscape architects has a green roof on its building, you can see just how committed the industry is to sustainability and embracing new technology for environmental benefits.

Another important trend, according to Rob, is “creating outdoor environments and spaces to live, work and play in.” In Washington DC in particular, Rob discussed the fact that every new building now has to have a green roof. This is a great opportunity for Rob and his business as well as landscape architects in general – “outdoor living spaces on rooftops are popular, including grills, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, intensive plantings with trees and traditional extensive green roofs.” Even renovated buildings now have to have a certain percentage of their roof be green. And as Rob points out, “green roofs are good for the environment with savings on heating and cooling costs of 30-35%.”

rooflite semi-intensiveBut it’s more than just environmental benefits. “Green roofs really enhance the urban quality of life,” Rob said. As more people are living in urban areas, developers and architects are recognizing this and making a commitment to creating outdoor spaces with green roofs to provide that better quality of life.

So how does growth media fit into the green roof trend? Rob has experience using different growth media products, but “we prefer the rooflite product,” he said, which he calls “the Cadillac of soils.” We are flattered! He mentioned a recent project where the landscape architect was concerned that they were planting in the dead of summer with 100-degree weather and how that would affect the survival of the plants. Guess what? They used rooflite, and as Rob assured the landscape architect, “the root mix of plants will love it and thrive.” And they did! On a recent visit to the project site, Rob said that the trees and plantings were looking great and filling out. We love to hear that!

So how can Rob help you with your green roof project? Well, he and his company have an impressive range of experience. “We’ve been installing green roofs since 2009, and we’ve installed 750,000 square feet of green roofs,” said Rob. Tilson Group has handled some amazing green roof projects, including the US Coast Guard headquarters, the City Center DC project, Park Van Ness – a new condominium complex in DC, and a retrofit green roof on the International Monetary Fund building.

Green Roof

In addition to green roofs, Tilson Group also designs and builds residential gardens and components. One really noteworthy residential project they worked on was the South Korean ambassador’s garden, which was designed by the landscape architecture firm Lee & Associates, with a manmade stream bed, waterfall, and custom-built Korean tea house.

Thank you, Rob, for taking some time to talk with us! Interested in hearing more about Rob’s services at Tilson Group? You can find them at and reach them at or (703) 242–6077.

rooflite serves an industry that is at the forefront of making the Earth a more sustainable and beautiful place. We love what we do, but we also love the Earth and are gratified that our green roof media contributes to a healthier home for all of us.


So how do green roofs help the Earth? Well, there are so many benefits, from social and economic to quality of life, that it’s hard to know where to start, but here are some of the big environmental benefits:

  • Improves stormwater management, which is especially important in cities
  • Reduces the urban heat island effect
  • Reduces the amount of impervious surface in urban areas
  • Improves air quality & biodiversity

At rooflite, we are so happy to say that our green roof media products have been used on more than 11 million square feet of roofs across the U.S. In practical terms, this means that our green roof projects helped make a big difference to the environment already with:

  • A water retention capacity of more than 14 million gallons
  • Vegetation on more than 11 million square feet of impervious surface

Wow! As we look toward the future of our growing green roof industry and business, we can’t wait to see these numbers get bigger and bigger. The Earth and all of us on it will be happier because of it.

And remember, every day can be Earth Day if we all do our part in our daily lives to reduce our footprint and embrace environmentally-friendly lifestyle choices – let’s do this together!

Redi-Gro, one of our licensed California rooflite blenders, will be at the Green California Summit and Exposition this week on April 21-22. A forum to discuss industry innovations in the areas of policy, technology and practice, it will be a great few days at the Sacramento Convention Center.


Redi-Gro has been given new life to landscape products for four decades. Their products naturally amend soil, reduce water usage, enhance the landscape and make green roofs a reality in California. As a rooflite blender, Redi-Gro offers expertise in green roof logistics, vast technical knowledge, and field experience.

Stop by booth 624 to see Redi-Gro and hear about rooflite, our green roof media product line. The Exposition will be open at the following times:

  • April 20: 5 pm – 6:30 pm (opening reception)
  • April 21: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • April 22: 9:30 am – 1:30 pm

See you there!

rooflite®, along with Laurel Valley Soils, our exclusive Pennsylvania rooflite blender, will be at the Annual Meeting for the PA-DE Chapter of ASLA on Friday, April 8. A two-day conference this Friday and Saturday, the meeting will cover a range of topics for the landscape architecture community, including green designs and infrastructure and stormwater management. It will be a great two days at the Lancaster Marriott and Convention Center at Penn Square.


Laurel Valley Soils provides compost and soil products to a vast array of horticultural business, from landscapers, garden centers, and professional turf management firms, while always being dedicated to ensuring that this is accomplished in an environmentally friendly way. As a rooflite blender, Laurel Valley Soils offers expertise in green roof logistics, vast technical knowledge, and field experience.

Stop by the Exhibitor Area to see Laurel Valley Soils and rooflite to find our more about our green roof media product line. The Exhibitor Area will be open at the following times on Friday, April 8:

  • Breakfast: 7-8 am
  • Lunch: 12:15-2:15 pm
  • Reception: 4:30-6:30 pm

Hope to see you there!

We are gearing up for GreenCon, the annual Green Building Conference & Expo in Central Pennsylvania! We are excited to see many of our friends and colleagues this Thursday, March 17 at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA.

The one-day conference kicks off at 7:30 a.m. at the Holland Union Building with the opening of the Expo, which will run until 2 p.m. Stop by our table to learn more about our Terramenta product line, multi-layer engineered soil for planters for professionals who design, specify or install container gardens or larger planters. With three individual systems and years of expertise, we can help you create successful design projects!

Be sure to also check out the great educational sessions in the areas of Community Design, Creative Design, Energy Efficiency, Facility Management and Resilient Design.

It will be a great and informative day. Hope to see you there!

Terramenta Project Shot


We are pleased to announce that our very own Joe DiNorscia has been selected to serve on the US Composting Council (USCC) board! The USCC provides support for the composting industry and organizations involved in the industry, including generators of organic residues, compost producers, policy makers, regulators, professionals and product users. With a focus on a number of different areas including research, training, education, standards and expansion of composting markets, the USCC will gain an experienced and knowledgeable advocate for the industry in Joe.


Joe DiNorscia, President of Skyland USA

With an extensive background in the green roof, mushroom farming, and composting industries, Joe serves as both President of Skyland USA, provider of rooflite green roof media products, and Supervisor of Laurel Valley Soils, a premier provider of compost and soil products, including custom soil blends. He is excited to join the board of the USCC. “It’s very gratifying to be selected for the USCC board, and I look forward to working with this critically important organization to expand and support the overall industry and USCC members.”

Check out USCC for more information on the organization and its many worthy programs and resources.