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From the PR department at rooflite – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

SKYLAND USA, LLC – rooflite® Announces Launch of

Skyland USA is pleased to announce the launch of the new Spanish version or the rooflite® certified growing media website at


Avondale, PA – January 24, 2012Skyland USA LLC has announced the launch of its new Spanish-language website, appealing to the growing number of customers within Latin America as well as other parts of the Spanish speaking world.

The new Spanish-Language site,, closely mirrors the English-language site providing access to all of the technical documentation and typical product properties in the user’s native language. Keeping the same, easy to use navigation, users can read about sustainability using rooflite in green roof applications and learn about LEED® credits that are available. The new website also offers an online RFQ and RFI contact form.

 “As our customer base continues to grow, we realize that it is critical to be able to disseminate and make available information about our products throughout the Spanish speaking world”, stated Joe DiNorscia, Skyland’s president. “We are very excited about our long term commitments to the growing markets in Latin America.”

In addition to the site’s comprehensive portfolio of rooflite projects, Skyland has also developed a Spanish-Language version of The rooflite® Advantage which has been designed to provide an educational insight to the sustainability of green roofs, our position on sustainability and the advantages of rooflite products in green building practices.

About Skyland USA

Skyland’s rooflite® certified green roof media products have been installed in over 600 projects and 5 Million square feet of thriving green roofs across the North American continent with a track record unmatched. For more information on rooflite® products, please contact

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Nice article about the selling power of rental units with a green roof.  All the way from Riverfront Condos in Omaha Nebraska.  They don’t just have the College World Series, they have a couple nice, new green roofs.  These roofs grows on 40 cubic yards of rooflite® extensive mcl.  More information about Columbia Green Technologies modular green roofs at their website, and the full article HERE.

Columbia Green Technologies in Omaha, NE

Columbia Green Technologies in Omaha, NE

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Thanks for your patience while we developed an all new rooflite website from the ground up.  Take a look around – new stuff everywhere.  Feedback is welcome.

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Skyland USA, LLC is pleased to announce Landscapers Pride, the 13th Authorized rooflite® Blender, servicing Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.

TEXASHOUSTON, TEXAS – July 21st, 2010 – Landscapers Pride of New Waverly, Texas joined Skyland USA’s rooflite® Authorized Blender Network™. Landscapers Pride, a Texas owned and operated manufacturer of organic composts, soil mixes, and mulch products, is now licensed to manufacture and sell rooflite® certified green roof growth media. Skyland USA are the creators of rooflite, North America’s #1 vegetated roof growing media.

In order to service a growing demand for certified, quality, light weight growing media in the South Central United States, the need for rooflite production in Texas was clear. “First and foremost, we sought out a regional manufacturer of quality bulk materials, and Landscapers Pride is second to none in Texas” said to Joe DiNorscia, Managing Director of Skyland USA.  “The ability to supply eco-roof projects in all of the largest metro areas in Texas from one central, quality controlled production location is an additional benefit Landscapers Pride brings to the team as an rooflite Authorized Blender.”

Research Modules at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower CenterVegetating roofs in Texas is not a new idea. In 2005, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at UT Austin started a long term, multiple module research project with many goals; including researching which native flora would work best in the unique climate of the South Central US. This ongoing project has influenced public and private projects across the state. The Botanical Institute of Texas will feature a large vegetated roof upon completion later this year, as will the Johnson Space Center in Houston. From Lubbock to Laredo, more and more Texas roofs are becoming green.

Landscapers Pride has all of the resources required to handle the unique nature of fulfilling green roof growth media Production and Packaging at one location in central Texasorders. “We have a fleet of live floor trailers and flatbeds, in addition to outside freight capacity. We’re well equipped for any project, big or small, and packaging is a strength at Landscapers Pride” said Brad Volker, Plant Manager. Whether rooflite is required in loose loads, crane strapped super sacks, or palletized in small bags – Landscapers Pride is up to the task. Current operations have the facility bagging over 30 different products in different sized packaging, in addition to standard bulk and custom soil products. Added Volker, “We’re very pleased the rooflite Blender Network is growing bigger in Texas.”

Rooflite certified green roof media is now available at Landscapers Pride in Texas and in 12 more locations in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. To learn more about rooflite Certified Green Roof Media visit the website.

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Green Roof Industry Continues to Grow in Toronto.

Skyland USA, LLC expanded the rooflite® Authorized Blender Network to Canada.

TORONTO, ONTARIO – February 3rd, 2010 – All Treat Farms Limited of Arthur, Ontario joined Skyland USA’s rooflite® Authorized Blender Network. All Treat, one of Ontario’s leading compost facilities and manufacturer of bag and bulk landscape and horticultural products, is now licensed to manufacture and sell rooflite® certified green roof growth media. Skyland USA is North America’s #1 supplier for vegetated roof growth media and the creators of rooflite®.

Outstanding benefits for the environment and for building owners have contributed to steady annual growth of nearly 35% in the green eco-roof market. By joining the rooflite® Authorized Blender Network, All Treat Farms can utilize their natural components to blend new lightweight growing products for the green roof market in Toronto and other Ontario cities.  “All of our products are natural and environment friendly” stated Joe DiNorscia, Managing Director of Skyland. “We are looking for partners across the North America who share our philosophy. With All Treat Farms we truly found the premier partner who is uniquely qualified to service the GTA. They are both pioneers and innovators in the Canadian composting industry”

TorontoIn May 2009 Toronto became the first city in North America to adopt a bylaw to require and govern the construction of green roofs on new development. This progressive new law will require a minimum of 20 to 60 percent vegetated roof coverage on all qualifying new development starting in 2010. With minimum construction standards prescribed by the law the choice to offer a standardized, certified, field proven, industry leading product was simple for Andrew Drury, All Treat’s Manager of Compost Sales & Marketing. “The Rooflite product is a natural fit for All Treat Farms. We offer a broad spectrum of products for the home garden enthusiast and the professional landscaper. Now we will have the best green roof growth media products available for roofing contractors as well. It’s a value-added compost product.”

All Treat Farms LTD.All Treat Farms will be the first Authorized rooflite® Blender in Canada. “They utilize an advanced in vessel composting system [Gore®].  This allows for an unparalleled level of precision when faced with the exacting specifications of rooflite® green roof media production and its demanding applications” said Peter Philippi, Skyland’s Director of Research and Development. “All rooflite® products go through extensive independent laboratory testing to ensure they meet our specs and achieve FLL compliance” added Mr. Philippi. “Rooflite® has an amazing track record in the field.  We have successful projects growing across North America on almost 2 million square feet of vegetated roofs.”

Rooflite® certified green roof media is now available at All Treat Farms in Ontario and in 11 more locations in the United States. To learn more about rooflite® Certified Green Roof Media visit the website.

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As you read on our website, we’re always happy to hear about projects using rooflite® certified green roof media in the news.  And it happens all the time.  We get daily google alerts, read industry magazines like Landscape Architect and Roofing Contractor, and get feedback and photos from contractors and installers around the country.  Sometimes we’ve got more insight on the project then the news piece, or we just really want to share the pride of the installer and owner.  We’ll post links, photos, and info about exciting green roof projects from around the country that use rooflite® products, and developments of our own.  So check back often to see what green roofs Grow On Us

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